Credit Interests – Rates in Loans


Credit Interest Rates, Banks set different terms and interest rates for each loan. There are different types of loans to take out loans, and first of all we have to choose the type of loan that suits us.

Loan types

Loan types

Let’s talk a little bit about these loan types;

  • Personal credit
  • Commercial Loans
  • Personal finance credit
  • Vehicle Loan
  • Housing Loan

There are many types of credit available. If you wish, let’s examine these loan types a bit;

Individual Requirements Loans; Consumer loans are generally the types of loans that people use in their financial problems and interest rates vary according to bank and bank and maturity option. According to the initiative of the bank, you can take general purpose loans with a loan amount between 1,500 USD and 50,000 USD and maturity options from 12 months to 60 months.

Commercial Needs Loans; Commercial loans are made within the company needs of SMEs and commercial customers and can be withdrawn up to USD 250,000.

Did you know that Credit Interest Rates can vary depending on the loan amount and maturity options?

Determine Your Loan Type and Maturity

Determine Your Loan Type and Maturity

Considering the Loan Interest Rates, when we decide to take out a loan, if we do not apply our loan correctly, our loan will be unlikely to be approved. Therefore, we serve you with the idea that the right application saves lives and we always improve ourselves for you by our customer representatives.

How should we apply for our loan?

How should we apply for our loan?

While making a loan application, one of the misconceptions is to apply to each bank individually. If you knew that the banks saw all the applications you made over bddk, would you make applications from all banks one by one, and would you make this mistake considering that your chance decreased a little more each time you get a rejection answer?

As a credit consulting firm, we set our principle and goal to always be solution oriented. Our customers can view the loan amount and maturity rates that they can get with a single application, and they can easily choose their most suitable bank to handle their business easily.

If our loan application is not approved, the reason may be one of them?

  1. We may have been blacklisted by the banks.
  2. Banks may not give us credit because our credit rating is too low
  3. If we do not have a regular income, our loan may not be approved for this reason.
  4. If we are going to take a high amount of credit, we may not have a guarantee to show it to the bank.

You have not worked with any bank to date, you don’t even have a credit card. If we think that the banks will give us cards and give them credit, we will be wrong. Because banks want to know the income and expenditures of the citizens they want to work with. Even if you don’t use a credit card, you cannot view your spending and payment. He can not be sure that he does not know and your credit score will be low. But there is of course a way to upgrade your credit rating.

When you use regular credit card, automatic payment orders, time deposit account, and overdraft account, your credit score will start rising fast.

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