Is there a Loan to Housewives?


The subject of Loan to housewives is not very well received by many banks. However, housewives may need loans as much as employees. The need for cash can be required for every profession today. Housewives without any social security also need cash.

Is Loan Granted To Housewives?

Is Loan Granted To Housewives?

The fastest loan is everyone’s will. However, while taking credit, it is necessary to pay attention to more important things than speed. All banks have their own credit assessment procedure. It is always possible to see examples of this in your environment. For example, you can see that someone who cannot get a loan from many banks has reached the desired loan by applying for a loan from a bank. The most important point here is to apply for a loan correctly.

There are some pre-conditions required by banks for housewives to get credit. What are these prerequisites?

  • You should not be in any legal or administrative proceedings before or now
  • You must have an income where you can pay loan installments
  • The loan installments you have to pay must be less than 50% of your monthly income.

Housewives without any social security can use loans if they meet the conditions mentioned above in detail. Although it seems that housewives cannot use loans, many banks lend to housewives.

Of course, in some exceptional cases that do not meet the above conditions, loans are provided to housewives. For example, you can apply for a loan by making a mortgage on an immovable property or a vehicle registered on you.

What Happens if Unemployed Women Cannot Pay Credit Installments?

What Happens if Unemployed Women Cannot Pay Credit Installments?

There are some procedures applied by banks when loan installments are not paid. These conditions are also valid for housewives. In other words, it does not matter whether the person who does not pay the installment is an employee or a housewife.

Generally, the banks will notify you by e-mail or other communication in the first month of disrupting your debt. If you do not pay 2 consecutive installments, the bank gives you a 30-day period. In this process, he will ask you to pay all the debt with his legal interest. Banks can even enforce proceedings if they wish in such cases. For this reason, it is necessary to deposit the installments on time in order not to adversely affect the loan applications you will withdraw in the future, and to avoid situations such as foreclosures etc.

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