Lightning Loan for Pensioners offered in magazines and on the Internet

A lightning credit for retirees can be very easy and also very difficult to find. The retiree life according to the agenda has little to do with the promised retirement and “Blums safe pension”. The contribution deals with the challenges and how they can be mastered.

Lightning loan for retirees – what is a lightning or urgent loan?

Lightning loan for retirees - what is a lightning or urgent loan?

The flash credit for pensioners is offered in magazines and on the Internet. Direct banks and credit intermediaries are behind the offers. The lightning credit usually means small loans that are approved in the simplified processing procedure. In this case, the perfect Credit bureau and the income are checked. In the case of the pensioner, the age test is added. Just as with the house bank, most direct providers only offer one loan for young pensioners.

A flash credit is processed preferentially by its provider. Behind the loan request are people who are in a hurry to pay off the loan. An unexpected invoice or urgently needed new purchase is the trigger. Lightning credits with lightning transfer are optionally available. Depending on the provider, around 10, – USD additional costs have to be paid for this. Using the option doesn’t always pay off.

This only speeds up the crediting of the recipient account. If you have your checking account with the Sparkasse, you can usually do without it. Savings banks book on their own very quickly. Various large commercial banks work with the money for as long as possible and make full use of the legal scope.

Preconditions for urgent loans with pensioners

Preconditions for urgent loans with pensioners

The flash credit for pensioners is not always eligible. Even with a clean Credit bureau and a successful age check, problems can arise. The background is the lowering of the pension level. In the past, the pension for many who worked all their lives was significantly above the garnishment limit. Problems with interrupted professional biographies mostly affected only one spouse. The other was fully creditworthy.

Decisive due to the agenda policy that Germany gave Social Welfare, the net pensions were also significantly reduced at the same time. In the past, a pension was tax-free and neither long-term care insurance nor other social security contributions were due. In addition to the additional taxes due, the pension increases were not even an inflation adjustment.

In 2013, pensioners in West Germany will be annoyed by a generous 0.25 percent pension increase. The average pensioner already receives a pension that cannot be attached. This income is not sufficient for ordinary lending.

Solve credit and age problems

Solve credit and age problems

With a high pension and old age, the creditworthiness of the Capital Lender for pensioners can be established through a special offer. In the case of a special “pensioner loan”, the age test can be dispensed with. However, additional costs can be expected from the residual debt insurance.

The most common problem, the low pension level, is more difficult to balance. It would be possible to offer real assets as security. However, a guarantee from the children or grandchildren would be significantly less complicated.

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