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When it comes to public credit, things like not only public employees are loaned or loaned to the public, but it doesn’t make much sense. Banks prepare their private loan offers privately. In general, public employees do not have much trouble in using loans. Of course, high salary and state security is a big factor in this.

Public Credit Opportunities

Public Credit Opportunities

Each bank offers loan opportunities to public employees through various campaigns. Now let’s come on how they have opportunities, what kind of interests do banks have from this job…

Of course, it is a great pleasure for the bank if the banks have the biggest interest, a new customer, or if we have a citizen who has an old debt with a loan opportunity, to reset his debt and get the money back from the bank with interest.

Whether you are a noncommissioned officer, an officer or a regular soldier, you must meet the criteria and conditions required by banks for loan application. So what are these conditions?

Although you have a steady income, you also have a bank swap situation, or if you have been followed by banks and have been enforced, your loan application is very likely to be disapproved.

One of the highest reasons for the approval of public loans is that the applicant’s public employee has a high credit rating.

Public Loan Application Requirements

  • The first condition to apply for a loan is to be at least 18 years old.
  • Identity card with a identity number or a substitute document
  • Certificate of income; Public Employee: Public current employment document, income document

Public employees can use general purpose loans for whatever needs

Public employees can use general purpose loans for whatever needs

You can use it for all your needs, from marriage to electronic goods, from household goods to holidays, from white goods to the education of your children.

  • Anyone over the age of 18 who has no risk and intelligence and documents his income can benefit from this loan.
  • The installment of the loan should not exceed 50% of the monthly average income of the household (total income of the person and his wife).
  • Credit Life Insurance is taken out.
  • Mortgage / housing mortgage can be taken as collateral for highly consistent general purpose loans (for example, Mortgage Loan).

Although public employees receive high salaries and government guarantees, the rules and conditions of banks are fixed and do not make personal privileges.

Banks are commercial institutions and they never want to give credit without making a profit. When public employees apply for loans, their credit scores are checked and public employees who do not have high credit scores have difficulty approving loans.

In fact, all banks want to give loans to public employees. However, the right application positively affects the interest rates of the public loan and accelerates the loan approval process.

As a credit consulting firm, our customer representatives are ready to make the most accurate application with the most special loan interest opportunities for public employees.

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